Child Brides, Stolen Lives (2007)

Child Brides, Stolen Lives (2007)

A one-hour special report on child brides in three countries around the world, produced by Jumpstart Productions for NOW, PBS’s weekly TV news program.  I co-field produced and recorded sound for the India segment.

Principal Credits:

Co-Field Producer/ Sound Recordist: Mridu Chandra

Field Producer/ Cinematographer: Alana Campbell

Senior Correspondent: Maria Hinojosa

Producer/Director: Amy Bucher

Senior producer: Lesley Norman

Executive producer John Siceloff


Awarded the Overseas Press Club’s 2008 Edward R. Murrow Award for best TV interpretation or documentary on international affairs. Nominated for an Emmy in “Outstanding Feature Story in a News Magazine” category.

How To See It:

This program premiered on PBS October 12, 2007. You can view it on the project website below.


Child Brides, Stolen Lives website