Out In The Night (2014)

Out In The Night (2014)

A lifetime demanding self-defense. One night they fought back.

Out in the Night is a feature length documentary about four African-American friends, who, out for a night in Greenwich Village in 2006, became known in the media as a “Gang of Killer Lesbians” when they defended themselves from the sexual threats of an older man.

Principal Credits:
Director/Producer: blair dorosh-walther
Producers: Mridu Chandra, Giovanna Chesler, Yoruba Richen
Executive Producer: Abigail E. Disney
Director of Photography: Daniel Patterson
Editor: Kristen Huntley
Animation: APPARAT


The United Nations has selected the film to screen around the world as part of their Free and Equal campaign to fight homophobia and transphobia on a global scale.

Out in the Night has been awarded several festival jury awards and audience awards and screened at over fifty international festivals since it’s world premiere in June 2014. As the year comes to a close, OITN has been recognized by Alternet as one of the 12 best and most powerful documentaries of 2014, was #6 on film critic Steven Boone’s top 10 list at RogerEbert.com, and was called one of the 10 best LGBT documentaries by the Advocate. Canada’s oldest  literary journal by and about women called Out in the Night one of the 14 top feminist films of 2014.

How To See It:

TV Premiere Broadcast on POV /  PBS – scheduled for June 22, 2015
World Premiere Los Angeles Film Festival, June 12 & 15
NY Premiere Human Rights Watch Film Festival, June 18 & 20

Out In The Night website