The Canal Street Madam (2010)

The Canal Street Madam (2010)

A feature length documentary portrait of Jeanette Maier, the Canal Street Madam of New Orleans. An FBI raid on her infamous family-run brothel in New Orleans destroyed her livelihood.  Stigmatized by felony, fearing recrimination from powerful political clients and determined to protect her children, Jeanette sets out to reinvent herself.

Principal Credits:

Director: Cameron Yates

Producer: Mridu Chandra

Co-Producers: Esther Robinson, Basil Tsiokos

Editors: Sakae Ishikawa, Shannon Kennedy, Mary Manhardt

Composer: T. Griffin.


This documentary was awarded the Garrett Scott Documentary Development Grant at The Full Frame Film Festival in 2009.

How To See It:

This film had its WORLD PREMIERE in the documentary competition category at the 2010 SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX, followed by its Canadian premiere at Hot Docs and its international premiere at the International Rome Film Festival.

It’s available on iTunes, and Netflix


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